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At Cambridge Patterns we pride ourselves on producing quality products. We have a large range of specialties that include traditional pattern making and solutions for larger wood-based heavy industrial applications . We also produce smaller complex patterns using advanced materials such as urethane, Renshape®, fibreglass and Styrofoam®. We have a heavy focus on large foundry patterns. To find out more of our specialties click more info below!



We serve multiple different industries and have a wide-range of projects. We have completed many complex patternmaking projects with wood, metal, urathene, fibreglass. and more. To learn more about our projects and see previously completed jobs click more info below!



Cambridge Patterns Ltd. is one of the leading pattern making facilities in North America. Our pattern equipment is used in some of the world's largest foundries, many of them in the United States. We are highly regarded in the industry for producing high-quality foundry tooling and have many satisfied customers with on-going relationships spanning 75 years. 

To meet the evolving needs of our customers, we have adapted to the diverse technological changes in the foundry industry. On-time delivery and customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of our reputation. 


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